Small robot, big story

Who is Arnie?

Arnie is a small robot that has various “real life” adventures in the world. He comes in various different forms but they’re all Arnie.

What is Arnie the Robot?

Arnie the Robot is an art project/experiment in location based storytelling using photo-comics and geotags. It was started by Mario Noble and Russo Mutuc.

How do I view these stories?

Click on a pin in the map above to find a story or click the Stories link at the top to view them all.

Why are you doing this?

Because it’s fun and we want to add something interesting to the world.

Want to be involved?

Contact us to help create Arnie stories around the world. Share him on Facebook, Twitter and other places.

Weird symbols in bubbles?

They’re ideographs. Arnie speaks his own language and it’s based on Natural Semantic Metalanguage as well as some other stuff. Here’s the dictionary key to the icons he uses.